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July 5, 2018

Wonderful Color Photos of Patti Smith in White Dresses Taken by Lynn Goldsmith

Patti Smith is one of the few great visionary artists: she's not only offered a creative voice for a generation, but has offered many treasured albums, striking photography and honest memoirs worthy of fiction.

These wonderful photographs of Patti Smith were taken by Lynn Goldsmith, who is a celebrity portrait photographer, and one of the first female rock and roll photographers. Lynn's photographs have appeared on the covers and in publications in many countries for the past 50 years. She has done over 100 album covers. In addition to her editorial work, Goldsmith has also focused on fine art photography with conceptual images.
“Lynn Goldsmith often joined my band on the road and within her studio we shot the atmosphere of Easter, joyfully in color.” – Patti Smith



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