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July 27, 2018

Best Friends Forever: 17 Adorable Before and After Family Photos of Dogs and Their Humans Growing Up Together

Whether you get a puppy or adopt an older dog, they quickly become just like another member of the family. They grow up with the family and a unique bond forms over many years. To show just how quickly they grow up, here are 17 adorable before and after photos of dogs and their owners growing up together more than 10 years.

1. Fourteen Years Apart

2. It's Just Not The Same Anymore

3. Thirteen Years Of The Best Dog A Kid Could Ever Have

4. Brandy And I 14 Years Apart

5. 14 Years Apart

6. 10 Years Apart

7. 13 Years Apart

8. The Day We Got Our Puppy And Eleven Years Later

9. 13 Incredible Years With This Guy

10. Her First Dog Eleven Years Apart

11. Tyler And 15-Year-Old Zelda

12. Thirteen Years Apart

13. 17 Years Apart

14. 16 Years Apart

15. Years Apart

16. Celebrating A Decade With This Old Pup

17. 10 Years Apart

(via Bored Panda)



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