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July 30, 2018

46 Fascinating Photos That Capture Daily Life of Students at Sweet Briar College, Virginia in the 1960s

Established in 1901 as the Sweet Briar Institute and opened its doors in 1906, Sweet Briar College is a women's liberal arts college in Sweet Briar, Virginia, United States.

The college is on 3,250 acres (13,152,283 m2) in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, on the former estate of the college's founder, Indiana Fletcher Williams.

A photo collection from Mary Helen Cochran Library that documented daily life of students at the college in the 1960s.

Carol Ford, a Sweet Briar student, jumping over a hurdle on a horse named Dusty at one of the college's horse shows, 1960

Florence T. McCulloch, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages, and student Kadri NĂ¼der talking by the steps to the Mary Helen Cochran Library, 1960

 Florence T. McCulloch, Assistant Professor of Modern Languages; John R. Shannon, Professor of Music; and student Kadri Mider talking in front of the entrance to the Mary Helen Cochran Library, 1960

Students, including Shanaz Anwar Ali from Pakistan, using the study carrels in the lower-level stacks in the Mary Helen Cochran Library, 1960

On the train to SBC, 1962

Orientation, 1962

Parents weekend, 1962

Playing guitar, 1962

Students by the Hitching Post (freshman officers?), 1962

Students lake, 1962

Students playing Monopoly, 1963

Sweet Briar tennis, 1963

The Sweet Briar Riding Council posing in the snow with three horses and a dog, February 7, 1963

A student working at a study carrel in the lower-level stacks, March 24, 1964

 Juniors on May Day, 1964

Winter fun of 1964

Aints and Asses, 1965

Bum Chums, 1965

Lacrosse team, 1965

Chatting on the grass, 1966

 Funny girls, 1966

"I am a mushroom", 1966

May Day, 1966

QVs, 1966

Students in a dorm room, 1966

Students studying in the reading room, 1966

Vixen Den patio, 1966

A student taking a book from a shelf in the stacks, circa 1967

A Sweet Briar student sitting and reading a book by the rare book shelves, circa 1967

Entrance to the Dana Wing, Reading Room Side, circa 1967

Girl looking at a display in the Library Foyer, 1967

Lee Giaunakis and Mary Pat Cogan standing by a plaque for the new Dana Wing, October 18, 1967

Students on the Dana Wing Terrace, circa 1967

Students standing on a landing on the steps leading to the new Dana Wing, circa 1967

Two Sweet Briar students talking on a landing outside the Dana Wing, circa 196

A student with a beehive hairdo reading a book in the lower-level stacks of the SBC Library, 1968

Margary Jackson, honors student, studying in a carrel at the Mary Helen Cochran Library, 1968

Studying in the lower-level stacks of the Mary Helen Cochran Library, 1968

A view of Mary Helen Cochran Library's reading room through one of the door's peepholes, circa 1969

Listening to a record at the Library, 1969

A girl reading a book in the stacks, circa 1960

Doing some leisure reading in the Cochran Library browsing room, circa 1960

Studying a library orientation display, circa 1960

Christmas at Sweet Briar in the 1960s

Napping in the Browsing Room, circa 1960

Students chatting on the library's right-hand steps, circa 1960



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