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July 21, 2018

44 Amazing Snapshots That Defined American Women's Clothing in the 1950s

In many ways, the 1950s took a big step, especially for women.

During World War II while the men were away, women began to gain an independence that was rare before the war. They left their homes to work in offices and factories, earning and managing their own money. Clothing was heavily restricted throughout and just after the war. Everything from the length of skirts to the size of collars was regulated.

Christian Dior's "New Look" of 1947 continued to influence the fashions of the 1950s. Unpadded, rounded shoulders, shapely bust lines, closely-defined waistlines, and fully, billowy skirts define the new, more feminine wardrobe.

Blouses, jeans, and long, narrow skirts were quite popular. Especially, women also wore shorts when hanging out with friends or family in this period.

Here is an amazing photo collection that shows a look at American women's clothing in the 1950s.



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