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July 24, 2018

40 Cool Snapshots Show What Our Moms Wore at Beaches in the 1950s

What did our moms often wear at beaches in the 1950s? A submission photo collection from Flickr's members shows what their mothers wore at beaches nearly 70 years ago.

Mom with her sister Ann, back when she was nearly 18 (Ann was almost 16), September 1959

My mom and her mother, somewhere along the Jersey shore in the 1950s

Mom with my dad's mother Vera in South Hampton, getting too much sun as was the custom in the 1950s. Mom was about 31 years old, and Vera was in her 50s

Mom, dad, and Paul, age 2, at the beach in Alexandria, Egypt, 1956

Mom, roasting hot dogs, Long Beach, NJ, August 1957

My mom (right) and a friend during a vacation to Daytona Beach, Florida, 1954

My Mom (Ruth Stacey) with my brother, David, at beach during summer of 1952 in Grand Bend, Ontario

My mom and I at Cape May Point, New Jersey, circa 1957

My Mom and I enjoying the beach in Venice California, summer of 1957

My mom at Jones Beach, NYC, January 1950

My mom was my grandma's favorite model when she was a teenager, circa 1950s

My Mom, the early 1950s fishing and catching some rays in Wisconsin

My mother and me, circa 1951, on Oak Bluffs Beach, Martha's Vineyard, MA

My mother before me in Del Mar, California, circa early 1950s

My mother June Devon with her feet in the receding surf at Wildwood, NJ, 1950

My mother June drinking a coke on the beach in Cape May, NJ in 1950

My mother, on the left, with her best friend Nancy, at Coney Island in the early 1950s

My sibs and mom at Newport Bay, California, circa 1956

Me, my mother and grandmother at the beach, Belmar, New Jersey, 1953

Mom and a fellow co-worker at Numazu beach, circa 1953

Mom and dad at beach, 1954

Mom and dad at beach, 1956

Mom and dad at the beach in the 1950s in California

Mom and dad on a beach next to Lake Michigan in 1955

Mom and dad Qu├ębec beach, 1950

Mom and friend as bathing beauties in Miami Beach, Florida, 1954

Mom and her family at the Jersey Shore, 1957

Mom and I on Atlantic Beach in Georgia, 1959

Mom and me at Half Moon Bay, Saudi Arabia, circa 1953

Mom and me, Barnegat Light, NJ, June 1957

Mom at Fort Walton Beach, Florida, 1954

Mom at Lake Michigan in Chicago, 1954

Mom at Miami Beach, Florida, January 1950

Mom at the beach in the 1950s

Mom at the beach, somewhere in Texas, 1953

Mom in swimsuit at Cedar Beach, on the shore of Lake Champlain, 1958

Mom is sitting on a rock jetty at Cape May Point, NJ in 1950

Mom on Santa Monica Beach in the 1950s with uncle Bob's car

Mom strikes a pose for the camera along the boardwalk at Carolina Beach, NC, July 1954

Mom wasn't expecting to get splashed, 1956



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