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June 20, 2018

Pre-Marilyn Days, Here Is One of the Earliest Pictures of Model Norma Jeane in 1945

Before the glitz and the glamor that was Marilyn Monroe, there was Norma Jeane Mortenson: a curly-haired brunette who never expected to be anything more than a housewife.

Discovered at the factory by a photographer named David Conover. Soon, she quit her job and started modeling for the Blue Book Model Agency, posing in sensual pin-up photos that infuriated James Dougherty, her husband at that time.

Model Norma Jeane taken by M.O.Schwartz on May, 18th, 1945

In 1946, she moved on with her career and left her husband behind. She divorced Dougherty, dyed her hair blonde, and soon changed her named to Marilyn Monroe. From there, she would become a movie star, and leave her mark on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

She would become a legend unlike any the world has seen – and leave behind a life as a whole other person with a whole other name.

Here is an early photo of model Norma Jean that was taken by photographer M.O.Schwartz
on May, 18th, 1945.

Model Norma Jeane taken by M.O.Schwartz on May, 18th, 1945 and her certification sheet  below

Detail of the certification sheet:

Certification sheet of model Norma Jeane

Photographer or Studio: M.O.Schwartz

       Address: 426 St. Spring St

For value I received, I hereby consent that the pictures taken of me by the above named photographer on 5/18/45 at 426 St. Spring or any reproduction of them, may be used or sold by said photographer for the purpose of illustration, advertising or publication in any manner without limitation or reservation. I hereby certify and covenant that I am twenty-one years of age or over.

Signed:    Norma Jeane

  Lee Bush



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