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June 13, 2018

21 Rare Photographs That Show Kodak Window Displays in the Early 20th Century

Almost all Kodak branch stores in the first half of the twentieth century had glass fronted shop displays, and glass covered counters filled with a dazzling array of products. From the early 20th century to the early 1950s, Kodak shop windows displayed a certain uniformity – there was usually a thematic or product focus in the window display. Visitors and locals would come to see the latest attraction and be drawn past Kodak merchandise.

Cameras and film would be mounted on different sized plinths or cushions with a corresponding price ticket. Sometimes the products were arranged in a decorative pattern across the display window floor. Brochures, posters and pamphlets in their dozens were arranged around the products and the overall effect was one of overwhelming mass, and choice of product. This is in stark contrast to contemporary visual merchandising, which tends to be more minimalist and abstract.

(Photos: Internet Archive Book Images)



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