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May 31, 2018

Victory Suits and Utility Suits: The Favorite Fashion Style of Women in the 1940s

The most iconic look of war-time was the two-piece women's 1940s suit. In the United States, it was patriotically called the victory suit. In Britain it was the utility suit. The suit was practical and versatile, worn as often as dresses.

The jacket and skirt could be mixed with other pieces, and a different blouse underneath could change up the look. The overall style did not change throughout the war so that women wouldn’t have to keep up the expense of wearing the latest fashions.

The 1940s suit was popular for day-wear and office work-wear, and could even be dressed up with hats and jewelry for dinner or the theater. The suit was often a woman's nicest clothing item. Many women wore a suit as their wedding attire instead of an expensive dress.

The look itself was carried over from women's suits that popped up in the 1930s, but with some major differences to accommodate clothing restrictions.

Here below is a photo collection that show women in their 1940s suits.



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