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May 23, 2018

Talbot Car: One of the Invincible Automobiles From the 1930s

Talbot or Clément-Talbot Limited was a London automobile manufacturer founded in 1903. Clément-Talbot's products were named just Talbot from shortly after introduction, but the business remained Clément-Talbot Limited until 1938 when it was renamed Sunbeam-Talbot Limited.

Soon after the end of the First World War, Clément-Talbot was brought into a combine named S T D Motors. Shortly afterward, S T D Motors' French products were renamed Talbot instead of Darracq.

In the mid-1930s, with the collapse of S T D Motors, Rootes bought the London Talbot factory and Antonio Lago bought the Paris Talbot factory, Lago producing vehicles under the marques Talbot and Talbot-Lago. Rootes renamed Clément-Talbot Limited Sunbeam-Talbot Limited in 1938, and stopped using the brand name Talbot in the mid-1950s.

The Paris factory closed a few years later.

Ownership of the marque came by a series of takeovers to Peugeot S.A., which revived use of the Talbot name from 1978 until 1994.

Here is a small collection of rare photos that shows the process of producing Talbot car in the early 1930s.

1930s view of Barlby Road test shop with vehicles ready for delivery

The reception hall of the administration building of the Clement Talbot Motor Works (now Ladbroke Hall) on Barlby Road, London W10 in 1930. The medals and trophies on display here were all won before 1914. Of course Talbot earned many more glories for its invincible automobiles especially in the 20s and 30s. This was the UK's first purpose-built car factory

Barlby Road unit shop in 1932. Engines being assembled individually on rotating stands

Barlby Road test shop in 1933

Three magnificent Talbot racing cars designed by the brilliant Swiss engineer Georges Roesch and built in Barlby Road was taken in a well-known part of London in 1934

Barlby Road unit shop in 1936

Barlby Road machine shop with crankshafts being turned on lathes

Engines being tested under the supervision of Frank Kneebone on the right



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