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May 28, 2018

14 Strange Smoking Accessories From the Past That Nobody Should Own

Bad habits: we might not like to admit it, but we all have them. Whether it’s biting our nails, eating too much chocolate or spending our work hours browsing social media, each and every one of us has a vice. Of course some, like smoking, are more harmful than others.

Nowadays, we’re all familiar with the dangers of smoking tobacco, but it wasn’t always this way. In fact, attitudes towards smoking have only really shifted in the last century – before that, it was a very different story.

1. Double-Barrel Cigarette Holder

First up, we have this double-barrel cigarette holder. Makes perfect sense, right? You’ve got two lungs, gotta have two cigarettes. Of course if you used this you’d have two lungs for very long…

2. Whole Cigarette Factory Contained in Single Tobacco Can

The invention is the creation of Dr. Edward P. Delevante, who has built a cigarette roller right into the bottom of the tobacco can. I’m not entirely sure that’s tobacco he’s rolling up there.

3. Remote Smoking Apparatus

This one is actually kind of neat, but it’d probably be better for smoking something else…

4. Ash Tray Fits Cigarette

Dude, just get an ashtray. Or don’t. It seems like you’d end up grabbing the end of the cigarette and the weight of this thing would break your cigarette in half.

5. Invalid “Fed” Cigarettes on a Stick

Thank god someone has solved the age old problem of how to smoke in a hospital bed when both of your arms are broken! And people say nicotine isn’t addictive?

6. Wrist Lighter

How on earth is this actually easier than a normal lighter?

7. Pipe Holster

If you thought cell phone holsters were the dumbest looking things on earth, think again.

8. Vest-Pocket Ash Tray

And when you miss the ashtray you get to burn a nice hole in your vest, or get a pocket full of ashes.

9. Cigarette Holder for Nudists

You really don’t want to know where that guy kept his cigarettes before this was invented.

10. Cigarette Case Keeps Account of Smokes Given to Friends

A novel cigarette case keeps tabs on the cigarettes your friends “borrow.” When you want a smoke yourself, press one button to open the case. I think that anyone cheap enough to need one of these would be too cheap to actually buy one.

11. Keeps Smoke Out of Eyes

And blow it into somebody else’s eyes.

12. Trained Cockroach Smuggles Smokes

Ok, this one is just cool. Plus, if you’re stuck in solitary it’s actually pretty damn useful.

13. New Cigarette Put Up in Waterproof Paper

This sounds like a pretty good idea but you really have to wonder what kind of god awful chemical they used to make it waterproof.

14. Safety Holder for Fag Smokers

And finally this ridiculously giant ashtray ring thing. It’s only redeeming quality is that if you squint hard enough you could swear this was a black and white snapshot from one of those Star Trek TNG episodes where Picard goes all gangster in the holodeck.

(This original article was published on Modern Mechanix' blog)



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