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May 2, 2018

Perma-Lift Brassiers: The Cone Shaped Bra That Madonna Made Commonplace in the 1980s

Look for the magic inset in every Perma-lift Brassiere with “The Lift that never lets you down”

Yes, this was an actual ad. Permalift gave you everything you needed in your quest for a man (or to take him hostage and force him down the aisle--at gunpoint as it were.)

The women in this Perma-lift Brassieres ad, reportedly from 1951, couldn’t possibly look any happier. It’s probably because they’re wearing bras that have a “magic lift” that “never lets you down.” Way to use a double entendre there, Perma-lift.

Imagine that Madonna took some pointers from these ladies during her epic cone bra phase.

(via The Huffington Post)


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