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May 26, 2018

35 Submitted Snapshots That Show How Our Beloved Grandmothers Looked Like From the 1940s

These cool snapshots that show how our young grandmothers looked like in the 1940s.

 Grandma Lois, circa 1949

Claire, my grandma, 1946

Grandma and friend around 1940. I believe taken in Northern Vietnam somewhere. She's probably 18 or 19.

Grandma Evelyn and her sister, circa 1940s

Grandma in her hair saloon in Dingle, circa 1940s

Grandma Isabel D’Angelo around 1940

Grandma Melba in the mid-late 1940s

Grandma soloing at republic aviation, circa 1940s

Grandma Ware at her first house with five girlfriends in Cloquet, MN, circa 1940s

Grandma with friends of the 40s

My grandmother poses with her car in Oakland, California, circa 1940

Portrait of my young grandma, circa 1940s

Professional portrait of my grandmother pouring herself some tea, circa 1940s

This is my Dad's Mum (Catherine Frumento, nee Rae), circa 1940

Dorolyn Mae, grandmother, circa 1940

Grandma Bili in the 1940s

Grandma Lyn in 1940

Mom's mom in the 1940s

My grandma Josephine in 1940

 My Grandmother, aged 18, 1940

Portrait of my grandmother, circa 1940s

 Grandma in Russia, 1941

My grandma at 14 years old, 1941

On the left is my grandmother Ewa Wysocka, nee Słobódzka on the streets of Nazi-occupied Warsaw, circa 1941

My maternal grandmother Arlene in New York, 1942

Grandma in 1943

 My grandma (right) and Phyllis (left). They were lifelong best friends, 1943

Grandma's graduation, 1944

My grandmother Dee as a young woman not long after my mother was born, 1944

Portrait of my grandma in 1944

Grandma leaned on car, 1946

Grandma Pat & great-aunt Ginny in and around 1935 Ford, circa 1946

 Rusty in the sun. Grandma was nicknamed 'Rusty' because of her auburn hair, 1946

My grandma (Eleanor Wood) in 1947

Grandma Frances Tuzzolino in satin dress on 13th Avenue with 57th Street behind her in 1948 Boro Park, Brooklyn, NY



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