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May 8, 2018

45 Old Photos That Capture Lovely Moment of Children That May Recall Your Childhood

Everyone has a childhood. Hope these lovely photos will bring back memories of your childhood.

Children riding a rustic swing

Children riding an oversized rocking horse

Children sitting on the roof of a garage

Children sledding on a snow-covered road

Children swimming with a dog at the beach

Cute little girl playing with a toy lawn mower

Dad helps tie his girl shoes

Girl mowing the lawn

Little boy aims a rifle at his grandpa

Little boy examines a fish in his net

Little boy paddling in a small boat

Little boy plays shooting in the mountains

Little boy poses with a rabbit

Little girl dances in the front yard

Little girl feedings ducks in a pond

Little girl holding an umbrella

Little girl reading a book in a burned-out forest

Little girl sits with her dolls and cats

Little girls in swimsuits sitting in a paddle boat

Quartet of kids

Small child sweeps the porch

Two boys playing in the snow

Two children playing on a homemade seesaw

Two children wrestling in the grass

Two little boys fishing from a bridge

Two little boys playing in boxes

Two little girls sit on the grass with a stuffed toy

Two young children drawing in the sand

Two young girls in long skirts play on a seesaw

Young boy dives into the water

Young boy with his dog

Young man giving a small child a piggy back ride

A boy and his pony

Baby looking at little chicks

Boy dives into a lake off a slide

Boy feeding ducks at a pond

Boy riding a sled down a hill

Boys around a campfire by the water

Kids playing stick ball on the sidewalk

Little girl feeding the chickens

Child feeds a lamb with a bottle

Child playing in the snow on a tricycle

Children eating watermelon outside

Children playing in the water near an arched railroad viaduct

Children playing with a ball in a field


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