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May 1, 2018

16 Wonderful Color Photographs of Lebanon in 1952

Lebanon, country located on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea; it consists of a narrow strip of territory and is one of the world’s smaller sovereign states. The capital is Beirut.

Though Lebanon, particularly its coastal region, was the site of some of the oldest human settlements in the world, it was not until 1920 that the contemporary state came into being. In that year France, which administered Lebanon as a League of Nations mandate, established the state of Greater Lebanon. Lebanon then became a republic in 1926 and achieved independence in 1943.

Lebanon shares many of the cultural characteristics of the Arab world, yet it has attributes that differentiate it from many of its Arab neighbors. Its rugged, mountainous terrain has served throughout history as an asylum for diverse religious and ethnic groups and for political dissidents. Lebanon is one of the most densely populated countries in the Mediterranean area and has a high rate of literacy. Notwithstanding its meagre natural resources, Lebanon long managed to serve as a busy commercial and cultural centre for the Middle East.

Beirut street scene

Street of old Beirut

Street cars in Beirut

Street and market scene in Baalbeck

Street and market scene in Baalbeck

Main street and square, Beirut

Part of Great Temple Baalbeck

Doorway of Great Temple-Baalbeck

Portion of interior Temple

Pillars in Temple of Bacchus

Temple of Jupiter, Baalbeck

Baalbeck Temple of Bacchus


Harbor from hotel, Beirut


Bridge at Dog River, near Beirut

Modern homes in Damascus

View of Damascus from hotel

Boulevard New Section, Damascus

(Photos from Found Slides)


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