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May 3, 2018

Beware the Action Zone! Because Every Pair of Pants Needs a “Snack Sack”…

Literally, what else could you say? For the man whose grossly insecure? Sansabelt was a brand name for pants that had elastic in them (you didn’t need a belt).

But perhaps with the need for an “Extra Large Snack Sack” you might want a belt, and a pair of industrial strength suspenders. How often do you blow out the elastic on your underwear toting those bad boys around?
Sansabelt is a brand of men’s trousers. The Sansabelt slack was invented by Silver Manufacturer in Indiana, which subsequently sold the company and their patent to Jaymar-Ruby in 1959. The trousers have a wide elastic band sewn into the waist, which is intended to make a belt or suspenders unnecessary, hence the name (“sans a belt”).

Jaymar-Ruby, with its Sansabelt brand, was acquired by Hartmarx in 1967 but in early 2009, Hartmarx Corporation filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy down in Florida.

According to the official Sansabelt website, starting Late Fall 2013, SANSABELT is back in stores.
(via Susan Hall's Flickr)




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