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April 17, 2018

62 Emotional Pictures That Capture Private Moments of 'Soldiers at Rest' During World War II

War brings pain, sacrifice. It is really cruel, especially for the soldiers directly involved in combat. Private moments of these soldiers are really something rare and worthwhile.

A collection of emotional pictures from MacArthur Museum that shows rare private moments of soldiers resting during the World War II.

Bottle baby

Bravery amazes homeland

Britain’s home guard studies guerrilla warfare

British girls pour tea for yanks

Chow for yanks in Buna

Close shave

Crutches and canes and shuffleboard

Decorative touch

Duration pet

Establishing base on South Pacific Isle

Freed by advancing yanks

Frenchwomen at the front

Frontline interview

Gee whiz! Bananas!

General cools his dawgs


How about moving over, bud?

"I did it this way"

Just what the dodgers ordered

Lady in a claybank

Let the hairs fall where they may

Life at the largest Nazi prisoner of war camp


Mobile radio station 'Gets Around'

Mock battle on real battlefront

New Guinea sundeck

No time for nervousness

One vote for the Varga miss

Out of the water

Politics on the battle front

Proof of the pudding

Protection from further wounds

Rat trap for rats (and Japs) if they fit

Reading newspaper

Relaxation’s in the cards

Retreat from Burma

Seek and ye shall find

Serenading defeated enemy

Some like it cold

South Pacific beauty

Taking it easy

Thanksgiving dinner in a foxhole

The general, at ease

The mamselle gives a French lesson

These 'Avengers' are 'Expectant'

Thirsty leatherneck

Time out from sniping

Turkey in the straw

Two-hour long letter

Waiting for orders

Wash day in New Britain

Yanks in 'Surf Blitz'

Yanks, Aussies close in on Salamaua

A bit of home in France

A brief rest for the weary

A soldier enjoys his small bicycle

All the comforts...

American soldier enjoys mug of tea in Ireland

Asleep in the field

Babes in the woods

Bath tub, wash tub

Bench and sales talk



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