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April 21, 2018

Ukrainian Digital Artist Flawlessly Restores Heavily Damaged Vintage Photos, And Brings Them Back to Life!

Have you ever seen an old photograph that has been damaged so badly that the image is no longer clearly visible, and wondered if anyone could restore the photo to its original glory?

Ukranian digital artist Tetyana Dyachenko is who you’re looking for. She skillfully brings damaged and seemingly destroyed photographs back to life. Her retouching talents, attention to detail, and unwavering patience are each apparent in her impressive portfolio of restored vintage photos.

From family photos to single portraits Dyachenko uses her Photoshop skills and wizardry for a variety of projects. Also if you have an old photo of a loved one in dire need of touching up, you can contact Dyachenko (and see more of her unbelievable work) on her company’s website, Digital Art Gallery, and on Facebook.

(All photos © Tetyana Dyachenko)


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