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April 19, 2018

23 Amazing Photographs That Capture Daily Life in the Netherlands in 1904

Images shot by an unknown photographer on a "Grand Tour" through Europe in 1904.

Four boys from Volendam.

Old fisherman in traditional Marken garb.

Street scene in front of the Hotel Spaander in Volendam.

Fishing boats at the docks. The registration number on the sail suggests the port is Volendam.

Man with dog cart.

Laundry day in Marken.

Spuiwater Canal, Rotterdam.

Two girls dressed in traditional Marken costume in a typical Marken fisherman's cottage. Marken was an island, now joined to the mainland, just Northwest of Amsterdam.

Marken girls, Marken, Netherlands. Marken is (was) an island in the Zuiderzee. Because of its relative isolation, Marken evolved its own distinctive costume and architecture.

Canal and cheese market in Alkmaar. Alkmaar is noted for its open-air cheese market, barely visible on the plaza ahead.

Men and girl on the docks, Marken.

Two windmills along a canal in Landsmeer.

Volendam street


Cheese market in Alkmaar.



This is a no longer existing windmill called "De Maagd" in Dordrecht.

School children

Steigersgrachtwater, Rotterdam



Men and boat, Marken.

(Photos via Bill Nelson)


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