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April 7, 2018

A Cool Photo Collection of 'My Parents on Their Wedding Day' From Between the 1930s and 1980s

A cool collection of submitted photos of members from Flickr and Vintage Brides that shows 'My Parents on Their Wedding Day' from between the 1930s and 1980s.

My parents on their wedding day, July 5th, 1930 (Daddy: 1897 - 1948; Mamy: 1907 - 1993)

My parents on their wedding day, Småland, Sweden, 1936

My parent's wedding at St. Olave's Church, Stoke Newington, England, 1937

My parents, Lillian & Leonard Frenkel, pose for a wedding photograph in Detroit, April 9th, 1938

Parents' wedding picture, April 6th, 1940. Emilie Piskackova (1915-1990), Karel Cech (1917-1987)

My parents' wedding picture, July 18th, 1942

My parents' wedding, Oil City, Pennsylvania, 1942

My Parents' wedding, 1945 (James and Elizabeth; Bridesmaid - Jean Dowds, Best Man - Edward Dowds)

My parents, Margie Dea and Ralph Syverson were married in Wichita Falls, Texas, on May 9, 1945

My parents' wedding, The Hague, The Netherlands, 1946

My parents' wedding, 1948

Parents' wedding day, Paintsville, Kentucky, September 25th, 1948

My parent's wedding , 1949

My parents' wedding photo, Budapest, August 12th, 1950

My parents' wedding, Agnes & Stan, Gosforth, England, circa 1950s

My parents were awesome, circa 1950s

Parents' wedding in the year 1950

My parents at their wedding in 1951

My parents on their wedding day, Leyton, London, February 9th, 1952

My Parents, James Arthur and Elaine Garnand Longmore, on their wedding day, Arlington, Virginia, May 1953

My parents, James Arthur Longmore and Sally Garnand, cut their wedding cake, Alexandria, Virginia, May 1953

A lovely informal shot from my parents' wedding album, 9th June 1954, outside St.John's Congregational Church, Flint, North Wales

My parents' wedding, Chicago, 1954 (My mother was 19 and my father 20)

Parents' wedding cake, June 26th, 1954

My parents' wedding. They were married in the Newport News Greek Orthodox Church, Virginia on July 23rd, 1955

Wedding picture of my parents in The Hague, The Netherlands, September 25th, 1959

My parents' wedding, 1961

Mom and dad on their wedding day, Greenbrier, Arkansas, 1962

My parents had their wedding reception at the Hotel Granada, at the time one of the swankiest joints in Brooklyn,
June 16th, 1962

My parents' wedding, May 11th, 1965

The wedding of my parents Maria Lavinia Bovelli and Agostino Vignato taken on the terrace of Villa Revedin in Bologna, July 11th, 1965

My mum and dad getting hitched in Adelaide, Australia, June 1966

One of my parents' wedding pictures. Fred & Elaine Collins, January 22nd, 1966

Parents' wedding, November 1966

My parents' wedding at Immaculate Conception Church in Pasig, Philippines, November 3rd, 1968

My parents on their wedding day in 1971

My parents on their wedding day, August 4th, 1973 at Trinity United Church in Peterborough, Ontario

Dad 'n Mum's Wedding, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, August 13th, 1977

My parents on their wedding day, July 8th, 1978

My parents' wedding, Clay Hill, Bristol, August 20th, 1983

My parents on their wedding day on June 16, 1984 (Virginia, US)

My parents in October 1985

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