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April 20, 2018

Mom's World: Lifestory Through Beautiful Photos of an American Woman From the Late 1940 and Early 1950s

These amazing photos from Joey Harrison that were taken mostly by his mother. They show a part of his mom's world from 1947 to January 1954, before he was born.

“My Parents: Jerry and Skip Harrison who married in 1947. Before I came along, and with diminishing returns thereafter, my mom pursued photography passionately and studiously. She created a large body of work centered around her life with my father and her birth family.”

Portraits of my mom Skip Harrison in the early 1950s

“My mom was an accomplished amateur photographer, and she took many shots with her Ansco twin-lens reflex mounted on a tripod with a mechanical time release screwed into the shutter button. She also had a large flood light (which I still have and use for work projects). Many of my mom's shots were taken with a tripod and self-timer. She'd compose the photo, set the exposure, start the self-timer, and race into position. Sometimes she set the exposure, adjusted the light, and composed the shot. Then my dad would simply press the shutter.”

“My mom has been also a utilitarian seamstress all her life. Using her beloved 1950 Singer, she made clothing for my sisters (lots of matching outfits), slipcovers, custom-sized sheets, and curtains. Lots of curtains.”

Mom and Dad at wedding altar, 1947

Bride in a blur, West Virginia, 1947

Mom and dad on their honeymoon vacation to Pittsburgh, 1947

'Our wedding night', 1947

Steubenville's Kit Kat Klub, Ohio, 1947

 The honeymooners, 'taken in a photobooth in Steubenville, Ohio, during our honeymoon trip', 1947

Mom and dad dancing in their living room, January 1949

 Jerry, Skip, Anne, Jim, little Jerry, December 1949

 Mom at Hickory Hill farm, 1949

 Mom at Silver Beach, 1949

 Mom at the enlarger, 1949

 Mom in 1949, near Ada, a small town east of Grand Rapids, Michigan

Mom in Chicago, 1949

 Mom in darkroom, 1949

 Mom sealing peaches for quick freezing, 1949

Physician's assistant, 1949

Reading the funnies, 1949

 Summertime at Hickory Hill Farm, 1949

'A drink to us', 1950

Dad doing miracles, 1950

 Finishing touches, 1950

Portrait of mom from above at Dale Rooks' studio, 1950

 Mom and dad at the Southern (in Grand Rapids, Michigan), June 1950

Mom and dad at the Southern's nightclub (they went nightclubbing nearly every Saturday night at that time), August 1950

Mom and dad in Cimarelli's bar, Detroit, 1950

Mom at the Grand Rapids Furniture Museum, February 1950

Mom at the Grand Rapids Furniture Museum, February 1950

 Mom in 1950

 Mom in Hickory Hill pine grove, 1950

 Mom's self-portrait, 1950

 My mom, June 1950

 Sink right here, 1950

 Take a seat, anywhere, 1950

Test shot at Dale Rooks' studio, 1950

Test shot at Dale Rooks' studio, 1950

Thanksgiving breakfast, November 20, 1950

The entry cleaned up well, 1950

 A day at the beach, 1951

Mom and a neighborhood boy Billy Vander Maas have lunch on the job, 1951

 Mom and dad at the Supreme Court building, Washington D.C., October 1951

Mom and dad go to Washington D.C., October 1951

Mom and dad watching television, 1951

Mom at Coady Lake, Michigan, 1951

Mom at the Hotel Washington, 1951

Mom making hamburgers, 1951

Mom took this self-portrait at the Hotel Washington, 1951

Mom's self-portrait, 1951

Mom's self-portrait, 1951

A home for Christmas, 1952

Cleanup was my mom's specialty, 1952

 Committing sins, 1952

 Contest entrants, 1952

 Durable dress, 1952

Mom and dad wrapping presents for Christmas, December 1952

Mom and dad wrapping presents for Christmas, December 1952

Mom and dad, 1952

 Mom waiting for dad to bring the car around on this snowy winter night, 1952

 Mom watches as a boat approaches, 1952

Mom's self-portrait, 1952

Mom's self-portrait, 1952

Mom's self-portrait, 1952

Sewing curtains, 1952

Take a letter, 1952

Thanksgiving Eve, November 1952

The geometric sofa-bed, June 1952

 The slipcover, 1952

 Toast was popping but coffee came first, Jan. 1, 1952

While the boss is away (mom as assistant to Dr. Pott, the neighborhood general practitioner and surgeon, stretched from 1948 to late 1954), July 1952

Joey was anticipated in late January 1954, 1953

Mom and dad doing taxes, 1953

Mom and dad on Chicago vacation, 1953

53 Mom at home, 1953

Mom in 1953

Mom in 1953

Mom washing the Nash, 1953

 Mom, studio portrait, 1953

Now let's talk this over, 1953

 The owners of The Southern, Esther and Herb Kaiser, were the night managers, 1953

 Joey's blizzard, January 1954

Mom and me, 1956



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