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April 7, 2018

These People Recreated Amazing Photos of Their Grandparents From the Past

We all love our grandparents, but we rarely think of their lives when they were young. Some of them have been through much and have seen war, so much conflict, and so many changes. In a way to honor them and show their love and appreciation for them, people are time traveling by recreating their grandparents old photographs, and they're nailing it.

Bored Panda has collected some of the best grandchildren attempts to mimic their grandmas and grandpas, and you'll be amazed by the amount of effort they've put into it. But it was definitely worth it. From visiting the same sights to wearing identical outfits, these people bonded with their ancestors on another level.

1. Grandmother and granddaughter

2. Recreating a great-grandmother’s 1918 portrait

3. A couple tried to recreate a picture of the girl’s grandparents

4. 3 generations of firefighters: from left – grandfather Colin Gunn in 1966, father Nick Gunn in 1988 and son Owen Gunn in 2015

5. Genes are a powerful thing

6. A man standing next to his grandfather on the streets of Pleurtuit, France in 1944 and 2013

7. Some things never change

1st Gen (1989): Me, my dad, and my grandpa playing zelda on nintendo.
2nd Gen (2016): My son, me, and my dad playing zelda on Wii U

8. A guy recreating his favorite picture of his grandfather studying at Hitotsubashi University

9. Someones’ grandmother age 16 (1944) and granddaughter (2015)

10. A girl recreated her grandmother’s picture – 69 years later

11. The resemblance is uncanny

My Grandfather and I, 1965 and 2016

12. Someone’s grandpa at east base Antarctica 1940 and him last week

13. A couple recreated grandparents’ wedding photo from 1954

14. A guy sitting exactly where his grandfather sat in WWII, 1944

15. Someone found a picture of their grandpa and decided to recreate it with his children

16. A guy recreated a Polaroid of grandpa from 1977

17. Someone’s grandpa and son with their fathers, 82 years apart

18. Girl’s grandma in 1931 and her in 2012

19. His great-grandfather and he trained at the same location, exactly 100 years apart

20. A grandfather and grandson, 60 years apart

21. Someone’s mum and grandmother (1977); her and her mom (2012)

22. Grandpa and grandson

23. Grandmother and granddaughter 80 years apart

24. Grandfather (World War II) and grandson

25. Girl’s grandma in 1949 vs. her in 2015

26. A girl’s grandma and her, 70 years apart

(via Bored Panda)


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