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March 13, 2018

Before 'Playboy', 'Modern Man' Was Really an Excellent Magazine For Men

Was there a girlie magazine more consistent than Modern Man with its covers?  Where Playboy, Tiger, Rogue, Fling, etc. would get creative - Modern Man was steadfast in its faithfulness to the  One Woman w/ Cleavage layout.

Never did it experiment with maybe adding two women.  Never did it go heavy on the props and setting.  Simplicity ruled on Modern Man: Just feature a chick with cleavage and be done with it.

Modern Man Magazine Covers in the 1950s

Modern Man came before Playboy (1951), but it didn't last as long.  Wikipedia has it expiring in 1967; however, as the covers below attest - it was alive and well in the 1970s.

So, here's a giant stack of Modern Man covers, keepin' it simple.  It's interesting to see, as we scroll through the years, the amount of skin gradually increases.  Enjoy.


November 1954


September 1956

October 1956


Spring 1958

Spring 1959

February 1961

May 1961

October 1961

December 1961

June 1962

September 1962

October 1962

January 1963

August 1963

September 1963

Winter 1963

April 1965

Summer 1965

January 1966

September 1967

Mid-Winter 1967

December 1967

Summer 1968

Winter 1969

November 1970

August 1971

October 1971

November 1971

Winter 1971

December 1971

March 1972

June 1972

August 1972

September 1972

November 1972

February 1973

February 1974

March 1974

September 1974

(via Retrospace)


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