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February 25, 2018

Britain's Biggest Royal Fan Kept Pictures of Princess Diana a Secret for 20 Years

Over the course of 12 years, Julia McCarthy-Fox traveled thousands of miles around the world to take photos of Princess Diana, along with Prince Charles and their sons William and Harry.

Julia McCarthy-Fox, who has crowned herself “Britain's biggest royal fan”, released a cache of photos to mark two decades since the death of the Princess of Wales in September 2017. She decided to publish them as an appropriate way to honor Diana, on the 20th anniversary of her passing away.

During the years, Julia became close to the princess, who so many adored. “Very early on it became apparent that Diana had a kind of magical aura around her,” Julia told Hello Magazine. “She seemed to radiate joy as she plunged into yet another walkabout.”

The pictures were taken between 1983-1995, even though she followed the royal family for 30 years. Julia was never employed by the British court, she was just a dedicated photographer in the crowd who managed to get closer to Princess Diana than most people.

“I spoke to her several times and although I can remember nothing of what was said I can still recall how exciting it was to be that close to her,” she added. “The crowd would buzz for ages after she had passed and everyone had a glow about them.”

Naturally, Julia was devastated after hearing about Diana’s death. It was a sorrow she shared with the world at large. “As the hearse taking the princess on her final journey passed on its way back down The Mall single flowers were thrown into its path and as it disappeared from view, with roses on the roof and carnations strewn in the road behind it, Diana was gone for the last time,” Julia recalled. “What a sad fairytale that had turned into.”



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