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February 27, 2018

Men in Heels: Vintage Photos of Male Rock Stars Wearing Sky-High Boots and Platform Shoes in the 1970s

Though a lot of people associate men’s heels exclusively with the disco era, they had actually gained popularity with the mainstream long before John Travolta ever set a hustling foot on a lighted floor. In fact, the heels of Tony Manero’s boogie shoes were actually low compared to some of the men’s styles that came earlier in the 1970s.

Recording and performing artists of glam, rock and soul, like David Bowie, Marc Bolan, Peter Frampton, and members of The Jackson 5 were just a few of the male celebrities that helped popularize the men's “high heel” trend in the early part of the 1970s.

In those earlier years, very high, block or chunky heels were usually paired with extremely thick platform soles. Later in the decade, however, the height of the heels came down, while the platform soles were thinner, or completely eliminated.

Shoes with sky-high platforms, like chopines, date back to at least the 15th century. And, even modern platform shoes, like the styles we see today, had been in fashion in both the 1930s and the 1960s, before completely taking over in the 1970s.

David Bowie, ca. 1970s.

George Clinton, 1978.

An early version of AC/DC with vocalist Dave Evans looking very glam (far left) with Angus (the only one not wearing heels) and Malcolm Young.

Marvin Gaye’s signature silver platform boots made by Gaye’s wife, Janis, ca. 1970s.

Johnny Thunders and David Johansen of the New York Dolls, 1973.

Gene Simmons, his sick platform boots, and KISS’s young minions.

KISS walking on the street of New York City, 1976.

The Sweet

Keith Moon


Unknown rocker, New York City, 1977.

(via Dangerous Minds)


  1. Lot of these high heel shoes & boots were made by my family in Miami fl. We were cobblers the bussines was called Lerness shoe company. Because in the 60`s you could not use the name Gonzalez On the front of a Bussines,

  2. Later in the 70`s & 80`s Famous stars were Stopping in to have any type of shoes or boots custom fit & made to there liking. You had an outrageous idea we made it. The business butted next to the historic Tamiami Hotel which was later demolished & we moved the factory across the street On the south side of Flagler St. about 1000' east of the Miami River.




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