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February 10, 2018

47 Interesting Postcards That Show Men in Costumes From the 19th Century

What did men's costumes look like in the 19th century? Check out these interesting postcards from josefnovak33 to see.

Butcher in his ceremonial garb

Actor in Plzeň, Czech Republic

Actor in Prague

African-Moravian man in Znojmo

Ancient miner in Jihlava

Armed Bosniak in Banja Luka

Austrian cavalry officer

Austrian officer

Austrian officer

Austrian officer

Austrian officer

Austrian uhlan

Austro-Hungarian dragoon

Austro-Hungarian officer

Austro-Hungarian soldier

Austro-Hungarian soldier

Austro-Hungarian uhlan in Vysoké Mýto

Bohemia costume

Bohemia gentleman with parasol

Catholic priest in Prague

Eastern Moravian man in folk costume

Folk costume from Bohemia

Folk costume from eastern Moravia

Folk costume from eastern Moravia

Forest warden in Brno

Forest warden

Guitar player in Prague


Hungarian dandy in Vienna

Hungarian nobleman

Hunter in Kraslice, Czech Republic

Man from Moravian Wallachia

Man in the folk costume of the Region Chodsko, Domažlice

Man in Turkish costume

Mayor of the Bosnian Town Zvornik

Member of the Sokol society

Moravia fireman

Moravian man in folk costume, Třebíč

Moravian young man with bowler hat

Polish man in apron, Bielsko-Biała

Prussian general

Regular from Moravia

Rich Turk

Two Muslims in Banja Luka

Wandering harp player from Bohemia

Wilhelm von Kaulbach, famous German painter

Zitherist in Prague



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