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February 21, 2018

Beautiful Portrait Photos of Young Ladies That Defined American Glamor in the 1970s

Al Pike is an American self-taught photographer purchasing his first 35mm camera while in the U.S. Air Force stationed at Torrejon Air Base near Madrid, Spain.

Since retiring he is focusing on the artistry of digital photography with a Nikon DSLR. His digital photography so far has been published in magazines and calendars, shown in photography galleries, won awards, and selected for a book cover. An exhibition of his aviation photography is currently going on in his hometown.

“I purchased of my first 35mm camera when I was in the US Air Force, and then the purchase of my first 35mm SLR a Konica Auto reflex T3 with Konica Zoom-Hexagon AR 35-70 mm / F3.5 lens in Chicago.

Going to school full time did not leave much money to pay for film and processing. I moved to Philadelphia after finishing school still shooting with the Konica then back to Chicago again. It was not until I moved to Minneapolis in the 1970s that I purchased my Canon A-1 with a 1.4 Canon 55mm fixed lens, but mostly shot with a Vivitar Series One 28-90MM f:2.8-3.5 Zoom. I shot with the Canon A-1 which I still have until the late 1990s.”

These beautiful photos Pike shot portraits of young ladies that show what American glamor looked like in the 1970s.



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