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February 1, 2018

20 Amazing Vintage Photos of Our Dads Being Awesome in the 1970s and 1980s

Most dads like to brag about how cool they were back in the day. Well, these dads have proof! Folks at Bored Panda shared vintage pictures of their dads being cool; and here are some of amazing pics from them:

1. “Came Across This Photo Of My Dad In The 70's With His Mustang And I Had To Share It”

2. “My Dad Being Infinitely Cooler Than I'll Ever Be (1980)”

3. “My Dad At 15 Years Old Working Up In Northern Bc Catching Fish As Big As Him. That Summer He Built A House By Himself That My Uncle Lives In Today :)”

4. “Dad In 1969. I'd Love To Know How This Happened”

5. “My Dad When He Was A Surfer Dude Sleeping On The Beach For 3 Weeks With Only A Sleeping Bag, Somewhere In The Southern Europe, 1989”

6. “My Cool Soviet Dad In Early 80s”

7. “Dad At The Great Sand Dunes National Park In Colorado Late70s/Early80s”

8. “My Dad Being Awesome In The 70s”

9. “Dad And His Buddies, Port Alfred, South Africa”

10. “The Old Man At The Sea, Mid 1960's - That's How He Rolled!”

11. “My Dad's Still Pretty Cool To This Day!! His Taste For Nice Cars Hasn't Wavered A Bit!”

12. “My Dad Taking A Selfie Circa 1970”

13. “Dad In '80s, Italy”

14. “My Dad.”

15. “Let's Just Say, I Never Had A Shortage Of Cool Stuff To Play With Growing Up...”

16. “My Dad Grew Up In Venice Beach, Where He & My Mom Still Live Today.. The Last Hippies In Venice!”

17. “1948 Panhead, Jockey-shift And Suicide Clutch, 21" Chromed -vl Springer - 1968”

18. “Can Your Pops Pull Off A Crop Top? I Think Not... Dad Smashing It Out Of The Park, Circa 1981.”

19. “Embarrassingly Cool”

20. “My Dad Learning How To Dad With The Little Me.”



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