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January 26, 2018

The Womens’ Pipe Smoking Group, ca. 1930s

The Womens’ Pipe Smoking Group affectionately known as the WOPS or Borkum Riffs because of the sweet smells that trail behind them. They meet every early morning of the week and stroll along Olas Altas smoking and discussing shag tobacco. This wonderfully relaxed group sometime mix a blend of prime Moroccan hashish with their fine Borkum Riff fine cut shag from the Netherlands.

There is a waiting list to join these women of the below the knee dress wearing persuasion who want to become involved in this sedate pursuit of strolling and chatting and puffing away on their smooth Calabash Meerschaum pipes like steam locomotives struggling up a hill. The youthful countenances of this group suggest tobacco smoke is good for the complexion and has general health benefits.

There is in fact an offshoot of this women’s group that take on all comers and some men where occasionally walks are organized along scenic routes in the countryside outside Mazatlán. Even MazReal members have gone along with keen hiker and organizer Natalia on her countryside pursuits. Smoking pipes are encouraged as they can teach the locals encountered the health giving properties of inhaling fine shag tobacco smoke.

That wonderfully informative ERM! Magazine have awarded WOPS the Health Evangelists Of The Year Award.


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