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January 15, 2018

In 1963, Actress June Lockhart Taught Her Cat Named George to Like the Water, and He Apparently Enjoys the Swim!

Thus proclaimed ad copy accompanying some photos taken for an Associated Press piece at the home of actress June Lockhart in April 1963 of her pet cat, George, who apparently enjoyed taking a dip in the Lockhart family pool. AP Photographer David F. Smith was on hand to snap images of June and George as they swam about the pool.

“I’m sure George could go the whole length of this 45-foot pool if he paced himself,” Lockhart told United Press International in an interview. “George’s motivation is quite simple. He wants to get on the other side. That’s the same with all of us.”

June Lockhart, who played the mother on CBS-TV’s “Lassie,” said the cat’s swimming victory marked its debut in competition.

“I don’t know what we call his stroke,” she said. “It’s certainly not the dog paddle. I guess you could call it the cat paddle. This was his first freestyle open competition. Actually, though, George is nothing with his backstroke.”

(via Cinema Cats)


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