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January 19, 2018

Rare Vintage Photographs Captured Ernest Hemingway Posing Shirtless

Below is a gallery of some of rare photographs that captured Ernest Hemingway posing shirtless. Big, burly and barrel-chested, Papa projects the masculine image that he carefully cultivated for himself and for the world to see.

Ernest Hemingway posing as a boxer while wearing a fake mustache, 1920.

Ernest Hemingway fishing on a boat in Key West, Florida, 1928.

Ernest Hemingway boxing in front of a mirror, 1944.

Ernest Hemingway standing with shot-gun indoors at the Finca Vigia, Cuba, circa 1950.

Ernest Hemingway and Jean Patchett by Cliff Coffin for Vogue, 1950.

Ernest Hemingway in the bath, ca. 1950s.

Ernest Hemmingway with sons and kittens in Cuba, ca. 1946.

Ernest Hemingway with a machine gun while deep sea fishing.

Ernest Hemingway on safari, Kenya, 1954.

Ernest Hemingway deep-sea-fishing in waters off Havana, ca. 1950.

Ernest Hemingway at the wheel of his boat, Pilar, with Havana in the background, Cuba, 1950.

Ernest Hemingway admiring his mirror image, bare-chested and sporting boxing gloves, 1944.

Antonio Ordonez and Ernest Hemingway by the pool at La Consula, Spain,1959.

Ernest Hemingway in Bimini.


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