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January 3, 2018

Before Spanx, These Ads From Vintage Magazines Show the Woman Before-and-After Wearing Their Girdles and Corsets

Think your Spanx are a torture device, ladies? Think again! The 1940s didn’t do a whole lot of justice for our ribcages or our compacted internal organs. Employing the classic technique of ‘frown in your before, smile in your after’, these corset-wielding ads are a stroke of marketing genius.

All corsetry manufacturers resorted to these photographs that show the woman before wearing their product and the woman afterwards. They range from the accurate and believable to some blatantly (and badly) touched-up photographs that lead the reader to believe that the mere act of putting on a corset will not only re-arrange the figure but also the hair and teeth. The technique, however, must have been successful, since the style of these advertisements has been in use for over a hundred years.



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