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January 17, 2018

29 Beautiful Kodachrome Photos That Capture Street Scenes of Johannesburg, South Africa in the Late 1960s

Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa and is one of the 50 largest urban areas in the world. It is the provincial capital and largest city in Gauteng, which is the wealthiest province in South Africa.

While Johannesburg is not one of South Africa's three capital cities, it is the seat of the Constitutional Court. The city is located in the mineral-rich Witwatersrand range of hills and is the centre of large-scale gold and diamond trade.

These beautiful Kodachrome photos from lindsaybridge that capture street scenes of Johannesburg in 1968 and 1969.

Four Wheeler Trolley bus in Central Avenue, Mayfair

GEM Cinema, Roberts Avenue, Kensington

JMT Bus in Roberts Avenue, Kensington

Johanesburg trolleybus No.586

Johannesburg City Hall

Johannesburg City Library

Johannesburg Tram No.149

Mulloch heap, West Rand Consolidated Mines

Native trolleybus terminus

No 3 loco 2' gauge tramway, West Rand Con. Mines

Passengers change at Nigel to road service for further on the reef

Railway yards Johannesburg, from Ascot Hotel, Jobert Park

Second Church, 9 Blenheim Street, Kensington

Trolleybus No. 621 at Jan Smuts Avenue, Lyndhurst

Trolley bus No.578 turns out of North Street, Dunkeld on way to city about to pass other trolley bus

War Memorial and the City Library on Market Square

War Memorial with Johannesburg Municipal Library, Market Square, Johannesburg

Watering a Johannesburg diesel bus

West Rand Consolidated Mines

4 wheeler Trolley bus 558 on Route 60A Homestead Park, in Main Road, Mayfair

Awaiting departure on the Commemorative Blue Train Tour from Johannesburg to Cape Town

Broadway Indian Cinema

Bus depot and trolley bus depot at Fordsburg

Bus terminus in Johannesburg

Carlton Centre construction site in Johannesburg

Centre of street bus terminus

Diesel bus terminus in central Johannesburg

Double deck diesel bus Turffontein near Webb Streets, on Native Only Service, Johannesburg

Four Wheel. 563 in Mayfair


  1. Wonderful photographs of the old double decker services in Joburg

  2. The shot of the building of the Carlton Center brings back memories travelling in the bus from Malvern past the Rand Daily Mail offices in Main street on my way to work. That was one mighty construction taking place with 5 or 6 storey's below ground. And today one wonders if it is being used for anything in our new South Africa.

  3. That carlton centre bldg is a dilapidated building housing vagrants and drug peddlers today typical of our NEW south africa
    Disgusting country once proud




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