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February 1, 2018

22 Beautiful Kodachrome Photos That Capture American Life in the 1950s

A beautiful collection of Kodachrome photos from Bousquairol's Gallery that shows what American life looked like in the 1950s.

Beauty contest at Jantzen beach, Portland, Oregon, circa 1950

 Curtis Municipal Airport, Nebraska, September 9th, 1951

A beautiful 1952 rodeo queen, Nebraska, 1952

A Nash Ambassador car in Curtis, Nebraska, 1952

 Grocery store in Rosamond, California, July 1952

3 Nash Ambassador cars, Curtis, Nebraska, August 1953

A man washing his white Pontiac Catalina car in Florida, 1953

 Crazy Horse in the Black Hills area, South Dakota, August 1953

Rushmore mount from inside Studio Museum, Keystone, South Dakota, August 4th, 1953

Surfcomber Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida, 1953

Women and a dog, Curtis, Nebraska, July 1954

E79 Street, NYC, 1955

A group of people resting by their trailers, April 1958

A big trailer, San Francisco, California, June 1959

4 young guys in a green Chevrolet car in Hawaii, ca. 1950s

Baseball match in the 1950s

Beautiful tennis woman, ca. 1950s

Halloween party from the 1950s

Harold's club in Reno, Nevada, ca. 1950s

Moustache man eating, circa 1950s

Sunbathing, ca. 1950s

The attendant, ca. 1950s



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