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December 8, 2017

Stunning Photos of a Beautiful Woman Taken Over 40 Years Ago That Show the Beauty and Fashion of the 1970s

Jonathan Charles is an art photographer in South West England and the Charente region of France. “My subject is an exploration of beauty and dreams - I see more than enough of troubling reality to want to project it further.”

“My work covers 40 years starting with B&W bleak landscapes through abstract nudes, portraits, dance & theater to the added dimension of color and emphasis on personal experience and subconscious mythology. I am always improvising, trying to learn from the images and people's reactions to them.

I count myself amazingly fortunate to have those friends and relations who have freely given their time and beauty as models to make many of my photographic ideas a reality, especially Marie who has shared the artistic journey from the beginning.”

These stunning photos of beautiful woman called Marie he mentioned above that were taken in the early 1970s.



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