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December 23, 2017

Stunning Victorian Postcards Show How Famous UK Landmarks Have Hardly Changed Over the Past 200 Years

They are the vintage postcards that our ancestors would have enjoyed while on holiday in Victorian Britain. And the stunning beauty of nation in the 1800s has been brought to life thanks to these color cards. The spectacular images show that while some things have changed, well-known landmarks have remained the same.

THEN: A vintage postcard showing the view over the Northern Pier in Blackpool in the 1800s.

NOW: The Blackpool Tower still remains but the ferris wheel has been replaced with other attractions in the present day.

THEN: The pier in Weston-super-Mare in the 19th century before it grew into an amusement attraction.

NOW: A recent picture of the pier in Weston-super-Mare, which was on the verge of collapse.

THEN: Not much has changed at the iconic White Cliffs of Dover since the 1800s.

NOW: The white cliffs still retain their iconic color in Dover and greet travelers reaching England across the Channel.

THEN: The imposing building of the British museum in London on a color postcard.

NOW: The buildings of the British Museum are identical to how they stood more than 200 years ago.

THEN: A rare shot of Tower Bridge open during the 1800s and printed on a vintage postcard.

NOW: In the present day, Tower Bridge is still the most recognizable crossing spanning the River Thames.

THEN: A striking postcard image showing Parliament and iconic Big Ben in Central London in the 1800s.

NOW: The Parliament building at Westminster still remains one of the most spectacular buildings in the capital.

THEN: The huge monument of Nelson's Column sitting proudly in Trafalgar Square next to the National Gallery.

NOW: Today, visitors flock to Trafalgar Square, where Nelson's Column still remains.

THEN: The traditional soldiers standing outside Horse Guards Parade in central London.

NOW: Not much has changed at Horse Guards Parade on Whitehall in Central London in the past 200 years.

THEN: The beautiful red brick building of Girton College in Cambridge in the 1800s.

NOW: The brick building of Girton College in Cambridge retains the same facade in 2017.

THEN: Even in the 19th century, tourists flocked to the East Terrace in the town of Windsor.

NOW: Even today the East Terrace of Windsor Castle, the Queen's favorite residence, remains popular.

THEN: The ancient Durham Cathedral sits proudly overlooking the River Wear in the 1800s.

NOW: Durham Cathedral still looms over the north east city today.

THEN: The ancient Roman Baths and Abbey was a big draw for tourists in the 1800s.

NOW: The Roman Baths in Bath remain almost identical to how they looked 200 years ago.

THEN: The huge Clifton suspension bridge connects the cliffs over the Avon in Bristol.

NOW: Today, the Clifton suspension bridge remains the best way to cross the Avon Gorge.

THEN: The scenic and isolated St Michael's Mount in Penzance was popular with visitors to Cornwall.

NOW: When the tide goes out, visitors still flock across to St Michael's Mount in Cornwall.

(Photos: Media Drum World/Alamy, via The Sun)


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