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December 25, 2017

Qing Dynasty: 33 Rare Portrait Photos of Chinese People in the 1860s

From ordinary people to mandarins, these incredible photos that show portraits of Chinese people in the 1860s.

Cantonese mandarin and his wife, 1861-64

Chinese actors, circa 1868

Chinese artist copying a photograph for the export trade, Hong Kong, ca. early 1860s

Chinese girl, circa 1868

Chinese lady, circa 1868

Chinese translators, Canton, 1861-64

Tradesmen, Canton, 1861-64

Cotton broker, Canton, 1861-64

Manchu or Tatar lady, circa 1868

Manchu or Tatar lady, circa 1868

Manchu or Tatar woman, circa 1868

Mandarin and son, Canton, 1861-64

Musicians, Shanghai, circa 1864

Official at Canton in a visit, 1861-64

Portrait of a young lady, circa 1868

Tradesman, Hankow, 1861-64

Portrait of a Manchu or Tatar lady, circa 1868

Portrait of a Shanghai lady, 1861-64

The Governor-General of Kwangtung and Kwangsi, Canton, 1862-63

Prince Kung after formally offering the Qing Dynasty’s Surrender to the allies, Peking, November 4, 1860

Shopkeepers at Canton, 1861-64

Viceroy of Canton, Canton, 1858

Wet weather, Shanghai, circa 1864

Wife of a mandarin, Canton, 1861-64

Woman in South China, circa 1868

Woman of the working class, Canton, 1868

Working-class man, circa 1868

A Cantonese lady, 1861-64

A Cantonese man dressed for Chinese New Year, Canton, 1861-64

A girl of the working class, circa 1868

A lady of Swatow, circa 1868

Pregnant girl in Macao, 1861-64

A shopkeeper and his family, Canton, 1861-64



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