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December 6, 2017

Color Photos That Capture Street Scenes of East Germany in 1960

These fascinating photos from Normann were taken by his dad who visited East Germany in May 1960.

Dresden rebuilt

Church in ruins, Dresden

East Berlin Stalin Allé

Eisleben Andreaskirche

Eisleben, Lenin statue

Eisleben, Luther statue

Erfurt street scene

Erfurt Town Hall

Erfurt, by the Augustiner Monastery

Family outing in Treptow Park, Berlin

Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister (Old Masters Picture Gallery) in Dresden

Halle-Saale, Rotes Turm

Handel Monument on Halle-Saale main square

Handel statue in Halle-Saale Square

Lindenkirche, Berlin

Marienkirche, Berlin

Märkische Buckow

Märkische Buckow

Marktplatz Greifswald

Moritzburg Schloss near Dresden

Ruins of a Dresden Castle

Sportshall, Stalin Allé, East Berlin

Stalinstadt Bürgermeister, Mayor of Stalinstadt

Stalinstadt in 1960

Stalinstadt in 1960

Stalinstadt in 1960

Stalinstadt in 1960

Stalinstadt in 1960

Stalinstadt in 1960

Stalinstadt in 1960

Stalinstadt in 1960

Steglitz town hall in Berlin

Süsow Krk Schule

The road to Wartburg

Tower by the Augustine Monastery in Erfurt

Treptow Park in East Berlin

Using sheep as municipal lawnmowers, Dresden

View from Wartburg near Eisenach

View of Eisenach from Hainstein

Wartburg Castle, Eisenach

Wartburg in 1960

Wittenberg Marktplatz, statues of Luther & Melanchton

Wittenberg, Lutherhaus (to the left)

Wittenberg, Luther's Well

Zwinger Palace, Dresden

Zwinger Palace, Dresden

Banner on a site clearly still damaged by the war, advertising a 'Contemporary Soviet Art' exhibition, Dresden

Berlin Hansaviertel

Berlin Kirche zur Frohen Botschaft

Berlin Kurfürstendamm

Berlin seen from Corbusier Haus

Buckow N-D Konvent

Burckhardthaus Kirche, Berlin

Charlottenburg Palace, Berlin

Church of Peter and Paul (Taufkirche), Eisleben


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