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December 19, 2017

38 Impressive Black and White Photos of Celebrities Taken by Allan Grant From Between 1940s and 1950s

Born in New York City, American photojournalist Allan Grant (1919-2008) was introduced to photography as a teenager, when he traded a model airplane for a camera. One of his early jobs was in a photo laboratory, where he printed photos by noted photographers such as Alfred Eisenstaedt and Robert Capa.

Celebrities taken by Allan Grant from between 1940s and 1950s

Grant began working for Life in 1945 on a freelance basis. The magazine hired him full-time in 1946, after a photo he took at a Connecticut sailing school made the cover of an issue. He also had the last photo shoot with actress Marilyn Monroe and took the first photos of Marina Oswald, Lee Harvey Oswald's wife, following U.S. President John F. Kennedy's assassination.

Grant left Life magazine in the late 1960s and began producing educational documentaries.

 Dorothy Lamour, 1947

'Showgirls In Florida', January 1947

'Showgirls In Florida', January 1947

'Showgirls In Florida', January 1947

'Showgirls In Florida', January 1947

US film and television actress, Wenda Hendrix in 1947

Dizzy Gillespie, October 1948

Dizzy Gillespie, practicing with his orchestra before a performance, 1948

Jane Wyman, March 1948

Patricia Neal in 'The Fountainhead', 1948

The Andrews Sisters, February 1948

Shelley Winters dancing and singing in scene from movie 'East of Java', 1949

Shelley Winters from the movie 'East of Java', 1949

 Jackie Robinson during filming of 'The Jackie Robinson Story', February 1950

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis are clowning around on the set of 'The Stooge', 1951

 Jerry Lewis is heckling director Norman Taurog during the making of 'The Stooge', March 1951

Edith Piaf with Marlene Dietrich, 1952

Marlene Dietrich, September 1952

Actress Pier Angeli, June 1954

Actress Pier Angeli, June 1954

Director George Stevens working on the movie 'Giant' with actor Rock Hudson, August 1955

Edith Head, August 1955

Gregory Peck on set, August 1955

Jean Anne Evans, 14-month-old Texas girl kissing her horse, July 1955

Russ Tamblyn doing a flip on the sidewalk with starlet Venetia Stevenson, August 1955

Buster Keaton and Donald O'Connor are holding up their 'dukes' while practicing for a movie based on Keaton's life, July 1956

Grace Kelly at the 28th Academy Awards in 1956

Carey Grant and Suzy Parker, his co-star in the film 'Kiss Them For Me', July 1957

 Edith Head, May 1957

 Suzy Parker, July 1957

Angie Dickinson in costume for the film 'Rio Bravo', July 1958

Angie Dickinson is on set with director Howard Hawks working on the movie 'Rio Bravo', 1958

Abbe Lane dancing, February 1959

Actress dancer Abbe Lane, February 1959

Millie Perkins is reading reviews of the movie 'Diary of Anne Frank', 1959

Shirley MacLaine and her 2-year-old daughter Sachi Parker, 1959

Shirley MacLaine and her 2-year-old daughter Sachi Parker, 1959

Tony Curtis with his family, January 1959



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