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December 31, 2017

31 Hilarious Ways to Make Girls Looked So Cool in the 1940s

Each girl has her own way of expressing herself. And these girls from the 1940s knew how to make themselves looked cool.

1. Become a cockpit hottie.

2. Dress up as a cadet nurse.

3. In the coolest prom gown.

4. Or in checkered pants.

5. Drink together anywhere.

6. Enjoy the world.

7. Have a cool pet beside.

8. How strong she is.

9. Join the air force.

10. Know how to make herself more attractive.

11. Know how to win.

12. Pose on the top of mountain in Ethiopia.

13. Own a Borgward convertible.

14. Have a pensive beauty.

15. Play archery.

16. Pose in the dawn.

17. Wear a leaf dress and enjoy the nature. 

18. Pose for photographing no need to pay attention to the camera.

19. Sitting on the bonnet of a Frazer on a snowy winter's day.

20. Read magazines on a boat.

21. Salute each other when meet.

22. Selfie.

23. Turns off when the alarm rings.

24. Wear shorts and bra while sitting on snow with a smile.

25. Pose with cool sunglasses.

26. Always carry a box camera to everywhere.

27. Be a 1945 police.

28. Or a beautiful 1941 bridesmaid.

29. Be a Hula dancer.

30. Be self-stretched...

31. ...or  softened when needed.



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