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December 24, 2017

30 Stunning Color Pictures of Venice From the 1890s

These astonishing images offer a rare brightly-colored glimpse of the beautiful plazas and intricate architecture of Venice in the 19th century.

The pictures show the famed canals of the Italian beauty spot that are home to boats, gondolas and buildings recognised the world over - and could disappear much sooner than we think.

Venice’s delights, as well as its ordinary citizens, are seen in full colour thanks to a process known as photochrom.

These images were taken in the 1890s and show a city that only 30 years earlier had been taken into the newly formed Kingdom of Italy. Previously belonging to Austria, Venice was offered to Italy in exchange for Italian alliance in the Austro-Prussian war.

The Grand Canal with the Rialto Bridge

Pesaro Palace

Da Mulla Palace

Vendramin Palace

The Grand Canal with the Rialto Bridge

The Golden House

Vendramin Calergi Palace

Grand Canal and Doges’ Palace by moonlight

Pigeons in St. Mark’s Place

Doges’ Palace

Piazzetta and San Georgio by moonlight

San Georgio from Doges’ Palace by moonlight

Piazaetta and columns of San Marco

Concert in St. Mark’s Place

The Harbor, Venice, Italy

Concert in St. Mark’s Place

A court yard (Calle dell Angelo a San Martino)

Before St. Mark’s and public hospital

San Marina Canal, Venice, Italy

Columns of St. Mark’s Church, Venice, Italy

Old Venetian courtyard

The Grand Canal

On the Grand Canal

Interior of the Doges’ Palace, with the Giant’s Staircase

Rio della Botisella

Interior Scalzi

St. Mark’s Church and the clock

Rio di San Trovaso, Venice, Italy

Interior of St. Mark’s, Venice, Italy

View from the Campanile



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