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November 12, 2017

Faith Bacon: The Rise and Tragic Fall of America's Most Beautiful Dancer

Born Frances Yvonne Bacon in Los Angeles, California in 1910, American burlesque dancer and actress Faith Bacon rised to stardom peaked in Chicago, the city in which she also met a tragic end years later.

Bacon, who claimed to be the originator of the “fan dance,” was once called “America’s Most Beautiful Dancer.” she crashed through a glass box during the show at a 1936 performance at the Chicago State-Lake Theatre, and spent weeks in the hospital, and the accident left her with scars on her legs. The accident began Bacon’s decline.

Even has the popularity of her act waned, Bacon continued to perform through the 1940s. And by the 1950s, she was struggling financially and had separated from her husband.

A search for employment brought Bacon to Chicago, where her job hunt was unsuccessful. On September 26, 1956, Bacon leapt from the second floor of a hotel window and later died of her injuries.

Just more than 20 years after one of her most popular appearances, the star of burlesque theater had died penniless.



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