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November 3, 2017

Early Photographs of Volcanoes and Avalanches Around the World Taken by Vulcanologist Tempest Anderson

Tempest Anderson, who was born in York in 1846, was a fearless explorer who discovered how volcanoes erupted. He was the world's first volcano-chaser, scaling the world's most dangerous slopes in his quest to photograph volcanoes as they erupted.

Anderson saw Vesuvius, Krakatoa, and, in 1902, the 20th century's worst volcanic eruption. La Soufrière, which devastated the islands of Martinique and St Vincent in the West Indies.

Anderson put his life on the line time and again to take pictures of fire-spewing volcanoes - resulting in an astonishing collection of 5,000 photographs and artefacts.

A female adventurer and the steam on Vulcano (unknown year)

Vesuvius in Eruption: taken from the sea (1906)

Mount Bromo, Java (1913)

Possibly Lady Knox Geyser, Rotorua, New Zealand (1909)

Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan, Mexico (1906)

Roadside view Papandayang, Java (1913)

A basalt neck at Buron near Coudes, Southern France (1885)

Pico del Tiede, Tenerife (1891)

A man in a spiracle, Iceland (1893)

‘My tent’ Tempest Anderson’s tent at O’Hara Camp with Cathedral Peak behind (1909)

Borobudur, Java (1913)

A microscopic photograph of Volcanic dust from Mount Soufriere, St Vincent (1902)

A geyser erupting in Yellowstone National Park (possibly the Beehive Geyser) (1900)

The caldera of Kilauea, Hawaii (1909)

Dr Charles Doolittle Walcot (of Smithsonian) and Mrs Walcot at a camp in Lake Louise (1909)

Tempest Anderson (second from right) and three others returning from Vesuivius (1906)

A display at the Mexican Museum [of Anthropology?] (1906)

The crater of Santa Maria, Guatemala (1907)

Tempest Anderson and new vine growth in the Trespe Ravine, St Vincent (1907)

Crater lake of Soufriere volcano, Mount Soufrière, Saint Vincent (1907)

Dust covered ridge of Bunkers Hill, Richmond estate, Saint Vincent (1902)

General View of Wallibou River, Wallibou River, Saint Vincent (1902)

Mouth of the Wallibou River, Wallibou River, Saint Vincent (1902)

Two men, carrying boxes which contain Tempest Anderson's photographic equipment, can be seen in the foreground, Rabaka, Saint Vincent (1902)

Rivière Blanche, Martinique (1907)

The windward trail ridgeway, Saint Vincent (1902)

Two men on a large formation or terrace, Yellowstone Park (1901)


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