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November 23, 2017

28 Lovely Found Photos That Capture Everyday Life of Japanese Kids in the 1950s

A bunch of scans of found slides from Vintage Japan-esque that capture everyday life of Japanese kids in the 1950s. Random stuff like kids fashion, kids toys, the seashore, cars, trains, signs, etc.

Two boys playing ice hockey

Two boys throwing rocks and a girl looking at the camera on a shore in Japan

Two children in Japanses traditional fashion

Two Japanese kids (one with a baseball glove, one with a bat) wearing Yomiuri Giants caps

Two Japanese kids in Yomiuri Giants caps and one in a stroller

Young boy driving a toy car in a park

Young boy in a knit vest and a cap eating

Young boy playing with a steering wheel

Young boy with a carp streamer on the street

Boy with toy cars and a carp streamer sitting in a room

Young girl in a hat riding a toy horse

Little girl in a kimono and head scarf

Young girl in kimono with a hair bow

A boy and a girl standing in front of a lighthouse

A boy in shorts and a hat walking through a field of flowers

A boy wearing a hat in a tree

Boy with a baseball glove, baseball bat, and Yomiuri Giants cap

Child running along a shore near a pier

Boy driving a metal toy car

Cute girl with a red beret and cool fashion

Cute kid on a tricycle in Japan wearing a plaid shirt and a Yomiuri Giants baseball cap

Cute little girl in a kimono

Japanese kid with a baseball bat and a Yomiuri Giants cap

Kids driving a toy metal car and wearing Yomiuri Giants jackets

Kids wearing Yomiuri Giants jackets on a swing

Little boy in a hat driving a metal toy car

Peko Chan and a cute little girl pose for photographing

Two boys in Japan in the 1950s, one wearing a Yomiuri Giants jacket


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