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November 14, 2017

Glamorous Photos That Capture Young Women in Their Knitting and Crocheting Garments From the 1930s

People who are unfamiliar with yarn crafting often confuse knitting and crochet. It's totally understandable that this happens.

Knitting is a method by which yarn is manipulated to create a textile or fabric for use in many types of garments, and may be done by hand or by using a machine. Different types of yarns (fibre type, texture, and twist), needle sizes, and stitch types may be used to achieve knitted fabrics with different properties (color, texture, weight, heat retention, look, water resistance, and/or integrity).

Women in their knitting and crocheting garments from the 1930s

Crochet is a process of creating fabric by interlocking loops of yarn, thread, or strands of other materials using a crochet hook. These are made of materials such as metal, wood, or plastic and are manufactured commercially and produced in artisan workshops.

These crafts share many similarities and common elements, but they also have significant differences. The salient difference between crochet and knitting, beyond the implements used for their production, is that each stitch in crochet is completed before proceeding with the next one, while knitting keeps a large number of stitches open at a time.

But in the end, they all create unique and wonderful garments. These photos of young women in their knitting and crocheting patterns from the 1930s.

Accessories knitting crochet design

Crochet blouse

Crochet hat and bag pattern

Crochet lacy blouse

Crochet lacy blouse

Crochet lacy blouse

Crochet pattern blouse

Crochet pattern blouse

Crochet pattern for a blouse

Knitted blouse and sweater design

Knitted blouse

Knitted lacy dress

Knitted striped sweater cardigan

Knitted sweater cardigan

Knitted sweater

Knitted sweater

Pointelle blouse sweater knitting design

Sun hat and tote crochet pattern

Tilt hat and gauntlets crochet pattern



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