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September 2, 2017

Style Mistakes: 18 Worst Fashion Trends From the 1960s

The 1960s were full of short skirts, bright hues, and tons of tie-dye — but that wasn't always a good thing. Here are the most regrettable trends of the decade, right down to the typical hippie jacket (we get it, man, you like peace).

1. Babydoll Dresses

As adorable as these dresses could be, they often just made the wearer look like a very tall, very adult porcelain doll.

2. Crazy Tights

A pair of bright tights can add a fun dose of color to any look, but pair of tights that looks so much like an optical illusion, your eyes start to hurt? Perhaps no.

3. Singular Shades

You like yellow? Okay cool, that doesn't mean your entire outfit needs to consist of different shades of yellow. Mustard, canary, butter — we get it, you love it. Add some other colors in there, please, lest you wind up looking like an Easter egg.

4. Futuristic Fantasties

Welcome to the future, or at least what people imagined the future would look like: ultra-sleek, shiny, and transparent.

5. Clashing Colors

Orange? Check. Yellow? Check. Shades that should never be worn as lipstick by literally anyone? Check, check, check!

6. Knee-High Boots

Knee-high boots were one of those trends that somehow made the wearer look younger and older at the same time — a confusing look, to say the least.

7. Flag Clothes

Regardless of your morals, there's something a little odd about wearing your country's flag as clothing — it always winds up looking tacky, particularly if you're at Woodstock, where those white stripes will undoubtedly get brown, green, and gray A.S.A.P.

8. Metallic Fabric

Remember when folks' idea of "space age" clothing just consisted of super shiny fabrics and out-there hats? We're pretty lucky that in 2016, we aren't dressing like this — it just seems hot and sweaty.

9. Bell-Bottoms

Of all the fashion trends in history, bell-bottoms are one of the most controversial. Some folks claim they're a tragic misuse of fabric; others think they are figure-flattering trousers that everyone should own. We're going to vote in favor of the former, if only because it's very rare that an outfit featuring bell-bottoms actually looks good.

10. Bowler Hats

We're not quite sure why guys started rocking this very elementary trend once again, but it sure did make their heads look round.

11. Lime Green

This color gets its own slide for being one of the universally least flattering shades of them all — and yet it was inexplicably popular among those in the mod subculture throughout the mid- to late-1960s.

12. Tie-Dye

Sure, the tie-dye trend inspired a cool hair coloring technique years later, but folks went way overboard with it in the '60s. Tie-dye shirts, pants, headbands, blankets — the list went on and on and on, until everything people owned in the '60s was covered in rainbow dye.

13. White Gloves

On top of making every outfit look just a tad too formal to wear anywhere but the opera, white gloves are just so impractical. Who is so impossibly dainty that they don't get their white gloves, well, not-so-white within half an hour of wearing 'em?

14. Neon Mini Skirts

Invented by Mary Quant, the mini skirt revolutionized women's fashion. That said, all its stylistic appeal and chicness went out the window when colors reminiscent of Scooby Doo's Mystery Van came into play.

15. Patches and Pins

The message is great, but nothing screams "I'm a very old Girl/Boy Scout" than pins and patches all over your clothing — especially when a lot of them involves flowers.

16. Head-to-Toe PVC

For those who liked that constantly sticky, stiff feeling each and every time they changed position, there was vinyl clothing — and it looked really silly.

17. Circle Chain Belts

Hoop earrings? Cute. Bangles? Delightful. Circle chain belts? You're practically begging to get stuck on stuff all day long.

18. Psychedelic Clothing

We get it — this is when lots of folks experimented with certain, ahem, substances. Still, was it really necessary to take the wild colors, swirly shades, and neon accents to this level?

(Photos: Getty Images. This article was original published on Good Housekeeping)


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