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September 15, 2017

Navy Nurses and WAVES Playing Softball, 1943

Dorothy Wheeler, of Lincoln, Nebraska, captain of one of the Navy Nurses softball teams, slams out a long single into left field during a game at the U.S. Naval Hospital, San Diego in June 1943. Grace Nilsen, of Escanaba, Michigan is the catcher.

(Image: Navy Medicine)

How Navy Nurses Keep Fit

“Keep fit to keep fighting men fit” is the motto of nurses at the U.S. Naval Hospital, San Diego, who have inaugurated a rigorous physical training program. Voluntarily participating in sports and calisthenics, the Navy nurses are preparing themselves to withstand the war-time physical demands of long hours during emergencies and of service outside the continental limits of the United states.

The sports have the additional advantage of providing off-hour recreation and keeping the nurses trim. Added zest has been given the games by competition between nurses quartered at Balboa Park and those living on the hospital compound, and between nurses and WAVES. Unused grounds on the hospital reservation have been utilized in providing recreational facilities. A hilly area in front of the administration building has been covered with grass, trees and flowers and converted into a 9 hole golf course.

(via History by Zim)


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