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September 9, 2017

Intimate Photographs of Marilyn Monroe in Her Private Moments Taken by Eve Arnold in Chicago, 1955

Eve Arnold photographed everybody from Queen Elizabeth to Malcolm X and published great books on China, Russia and America. But despite her varied, serious, award-winning accomplishments, Eve became best known as one of the most loyal and affectionate chroniclers of Marilyn Monroe. And she was secure enough to embrace that.

Eve met Marilyn in 1955, during the star’s year-long strike against her studio, 20th Century Fox. Marilyn, who preferred to connect to male photographers, unexpectedly clicked with Arnold. Perhaps Eve was one of the many mother substitutes the actress looked for in her few female friends.

Arnold really loved Monroe, and respected her as an unusually gifted camera subject and as a smart, sensitive woman…

When Eve published her book about Marilyn, she said: “I suppose you could say I’m exploiting her, like all the rest. And I suppose that’s true. But I did want people to know something more about her, and realize how much she was loved by those who really knew her.”

Here, below are some of candid photographs of Marilyn Monroe while waiting for a plane to Champaign, Illinois, where she was to attend the centenary celebrations of the town of Bement, 1955.


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