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September 11, 2017

Dutch National Ballet: 47 Pictures That Capture Performing Dancers in the Netherlands During the 1960s

These photos from faun070 that captivate moments of performances and rehearsals during the later years of Sonia Gaskell's 'reign,' the charismatic lady who first founded the Nederlands Ballet, which in 1961 merged with other companies to become the Dutch National Ballet. Ballet dancers include Olga de Haas, Simon Andr√©, Maria Koppers, Toer van Schayk, Ellen Brusse, Yvonne Vendrig, Sylvester Campbell, Sonja Marchiolli, Rudolf Nureyev,...

Apart from ballet masters from Leningrad and Moscow the company then worked with legendary people like Lifar, Lichine and Skibine and Pearl Lang who mounted some of their best known ballets on the company.

According to many this was a most exciting time to be in the company, and to many others it seems an almost mythical time.



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