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September 5, 2017

34 Amazing Color Photos That Capture Chicago at Night in the 1960s

These amazing color photos that shows street scenes of Chicago at night in the 1960s.

Rush Street, Chicago, circa 1960

The Chicago Merchandise Mart, Christmas 1960

State Street, Chicago, 1962

Chicago downtown, 1964

Chicago downtown, 1964

Chicago downtown, 1964

Chinatown, Chicago, 1964

Lincoln Park, Chicago, 1964

Looking south on State Street, 1964

Railway station in Chicago, 1964

Rush Street at night, Chicago, 1964

The Shangi-La, Chicago, 1964

The Woods Theatre, Chicago, 1964

Chicago at night, 1965

Chicago downtown, 1965

Chicago downtown, 1965

Coca Cola Sign on Michigan Avenue, 1965

Coca Cola Sign on Michigan Avenue, 1965

London House & Wrigley Building, 1965

London House, Chicago, 1965

 Marina City, Chicago, 1965

 Michigan Avenue, Chicago, 1965

Michigan Avenue, Chicago, circa 1965

Sun-Times Daily News Building (now the site of the Trump Tower), 1965

The Wrigley building, circa 1965

Tribune Tower, Chicago, 1965

Water Tower and Palmolive Building, circa 1965

Chicago at night, 1966

CSS&SB Pullman 5 at Randolph Street in Chicago, June 29, 1966

Rush Street, Chicago, 1967

Wrigley Building & Chicago Tribune, circa 1967

The Kansas City Chief awaiting departure from Dearvborn Station, Chicago,February 2, 1968

Chicago in winter, circa 1969

The United Artist's Theater, Chicago, 1969



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