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September 7, 2017

26 Amazing Polaroid Portraits of Baby Faced ’90s Hip-Hop Legends

Has New York’s night life reached the point of exhaustion? Is the party over? No… but the party always changes. After the retro decadence of the booming, corrupt, and ostentatious 1980s, this new decade demands something a little less frivolous; and so onto the scene comes Building aka Powerhouse, a dance club that occupies a former electrical substation on a non-descript lower midtown block. The designer is Carlos Almada, a transplanted Argentine architect, and this is his take on the ’90s: “A hot club represents the mood of a moment. There is a new generation, with new values. This generation is about producing things, rather than showing off. You don’t do Louis XV in hard times, and so this space is about basic elements, and raw design.”

The downtown club Building might have been based out of a former Con Ed facility, but back in 1989, it was the place to be for everyone from the big names in hip-hop – think De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Run-DMC, the Beastie Boys, and Funkmaster Flex – not to mention Naomi Campbell, Mike Tyson, Chris Rock, and Judy Blame.

The clientele may have been varied, but all had one thing in common: A Polaroid in the club’s membership book, which is now in the hands of the Standard, the current party place of employment for Building's former owner, Howard Schaffer.

Naomi Campbell

Fab 5 Freddy

Francesco Clemente

Belinda Sawyer

Chris Rock


Mike Tyson

Alba Clemente

Rickster Powell

Russell Simmons

Judy Blame

Andre Harrell

Henny Garfunkel

Ja'neen Michele Irving

Master Ace

Michèle Ford

Doc White

Kid Capri

Lyor Cohen

Marc Berg

Mercedes Tomasino

Michael Alia

Francés Jones

Justine Bateman


Ulla Bartsich

(via W Magazine)


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